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Fragrance St. Peter

Refined and elegant design for your stay

The Fragrance St. Peter is a new Hospitality Solution located in the center of Rome, a few steps from St. Peter.

Strategic location, modern design and friendly atmosphere make the Fragrance St. Peter the ideal choice for those who want to live the Eternal City in maximum comfort.
Imagine to watch a Vanvitelli's View of Rome that describes an 18th century rural Rome with meadows and sheep.
Now imagine a place, behind the Vatican, close to its high walls. We are in the center of Rome, just outside the walls which run along the west slope of the Janiculum. The hidden side from which it is observed the whole city behind it.

It seems that the area was part of the vast property of Agrippina, mother of Nero, which also owned the Vatican, houses and villas on the Janiculum hill.
Monte del Gallo is a quiet neighborhood, warm and kind, elegant and popular at the same time. Even alternative. It is quiet, without anxiety or traffic lights. Just a few steps to plunge in the hectic pace of Porta Cavalleggeri and St. Peter Square.

Strategic location in the heart of Rome,
modern design and friendly
atmosphere make the
Fragrance St. Peter the ideal choice


Large and bright rooms,
to experience the Eternal City in maximum comfort

Fragrance St.Peter's Rooms have a unique style, Romantic and Modern at the same time, able to reproduce the comfort and cozy atmosphere of Roman nights, and the great beauty enclosed in them.


Our Sky Terrace is at your disposal
for your relaxation during your holiday

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A unique position to discover Rome!

Fragrance St. Peter

Via di Monte del Gallo, 36
00165 Rome, Italy
Phone +39 0687725300
Whatsapp: +39 3311799762
Fax +39 0687725301


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